Facts You May Not Know About Demolition


While most people believe they have a good idea of what the demolition industry entails, the truth is there are many misconceptions about it. When you work in demolition every day like we do at Demolition Technologies, you understand the ins and outs that most people outside the industry will never see. With that in mind, here are a few facts about demolition that the average person doesn't know.
  • Minimizing waste
One of the main complaints about demolition is that it creates a large amount of waste that then takes up space in landfills. In reality, however, demolition contractors were among the first group to focus on recycling materials. Today, recycling and reuse of materials is a big part of most demolition jobs and helps to prevent the waste of materials and the use of landfills. Much more thought and detail go into each demolition project than deciding how best to knock a structure over.
  • Deconstruction
While many people will picture a wrecking ball demolishing a building when asked about demolition, that particular piece of equipment is not used much these days. That's because a great deal of demolition work involves deconstruction, which refers to the careful dismantling of a building in order to salvage materials. This way, these valuable materials can be reused in other projects. Similarly, the implosions that get the most attention in demolition projects are also rare. Consider that you see almost every demolition implosion project on TV, while other demolition projects are constantly happening across the country.
  • Preservation
Demolition work isn't always centered on the goal of removing a structure. Demolition contractors are actually often called upon to help in historical preservation. In these cases, the inside of a historical building requires walls to be torn down, and floors and other materials to be removed. The outside of the building needs to stay in tact, however, which means detailed plans and execution are needed.
  • Cost-effective
The cost of a demolition project can be a concern for those who are inexperienced, but in reality, the demolition phase of a commercial project where a building is being replaced is usually a minimal part of the budget. When you factor in the money recouped through the recycling and reusing of materials, many owners are able to break even on demolition costs, or even turn a profit on the project.At Demolition Technologies, we have years of experience on a variety of demolition jobs. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities and to find out how we can help make your demolition project a success.