The Importance Of An Organization Wide Safety Culture

Safety equipment

Due to the nature of demolition work, safety must be a primary focus in order to keep all personnel and the surrounding community safe. Safety management and creating a culture of safety within the company are not extra benefits a demolition contractor can provide, but rather a mandatory part of the job. Research has definitively proven that when safety programs are in place, job sites experience fewer accidents. That requires specific and detailed planning be put in place to proactively avoid workplace accidents, rather than focusing on individual incidents and workers. One model that has been used across the country is called The Swiss Cheese Model, and, it focuses on pinpointing the failures that lead to accidents and injuries.The model begins by studying an accident. Start with the first layer, which would be to determine what unsafe act led to the incident occurring. Along with this, you should also be able to identify what missing or failed defense could have prevented this action. Then, continue on to the subsequent layers of identifying the preconditions for the unsafe act, unsafe supervision, and the organizational influences and identify the missing defenses for each.This is a systematic approach that attempts to learn from the incident and solve the problem. This more accurately captures the reality of most demolition site injuries because it understands the fast-paced and constant fluctuation of the job site.To effectively implement better safety measures, however, you first need to better understand accident causation.That starts with understanding that accidents are typically the result of multiple factors, rather than a single poor decision. Those factors could include anything from unsafe activity, to organizational errors like a lack of safety training or a lacking safety culture. Many factors that eventually lead to an accident are latent, meaning they are mistakes or oversights that are systematic and part of your organization. They don't actively cause an accident to occur, but their existence creates the situation that allows the possibility of an accident.There's also the human error that must be accounted for. None of us have an unlimited amount memory, focus and concentration, which means there is always risk associated with demolition operations. That means systems and procedures have to be designed to allow for human error to protect personnel even when they're not perfect.The message here is that job site accidents are unlikely to occur without multiple failures and systemic mistakes. This should not be understood as job site accidents are unlikely, however. Rather, it stresses that focus is needed on an organization wide perspective to ensure that both active and latent safety failures are corrected before they allow for an accident.At Demolition Technologies, we prioritize the safety of our employees, the community and environment on each and every demolition site. To learn more about us, contact us at 918-379-0966.