The Benefits Of Recycling and Waste Reduction In Demolition

Waste bins on demolition site

As demolition contractors, we've been using environmentally friendly processes and focusing on recycling for years. That attitude has become more of an emphasis recently in other industries, as well. In construction and demolition, systems like LEED, NAHB, and the EPA are helping to promote the importance of environmental stewardship and make it worthwhile for contractors. Here are a few reasons that reducing waste and recycling materials is beneficial to demolition projects.
  • Cost reduction
Recycling and reuse can help to lower materials cost at the beginning and end of projects. At the end of a project, materials that have been salvaged can be sold to off-set costs. At the beginning of a project, recycled materials can be used instead of more expensive materials to reduce costs. On-site recycling measures also helps to off-set hauling and transportation costs.
  • Public relations
Green initiatives are extremely important to the public currently, and new stories and press releases on projects that implement recycling and reuse of materials tend to get traction. For both the contractor involved in a demolition project, and the site owner, this is good publicity and a way to build a positive relationship with the community.
  • Tax deductions
This is another money saving benefit of recycling that can also contribute to public relations. When the reusable materials from a demolition project are salvaged and donated to a nonprofit organization, the site owner is typically able to claim a tax deduction. This combined with other cost saving measures related to green initiatives could help to off-set the total cost of the demolition project.
  • Reduce environmental impact
All of the other benefits listed here are secondary to this, the primary reason for recycling, salvaging materials and reducing waste. By implementing these processes, the depletion of natural resources is reduced, less pollution and greenhouse gasses are created due to transportation emissions, and less energy and water is required than when working with virgin materials.At Demolition Technologies, we've demonstrated our dedication to the environment on each project we're involved with. To learn more about our processes and capabilities, contact us at 918-379-0966.