Uses For Recycled Concrete In Your Yard

Walkway of recycled concrete

On each of our demolition projects, our team prioritizes salvaging and recycling materials. Concrete is one material often found in structures being demolished, and is also one with a great market for being recycled. Often, this recycled concrete is used as a base layer in road construction, or as part of a new structure. It's not just construction crews and commercial applications that benefit from recycled materials, however. Here are a few ways recycled concrete can be used around your own home.


If you'd like a path made through your garden, or need a walkway through a periodically muddy area of your yard, recycled concrete is a great material to work with. In particular, look for broken up concrete from sidewalks, or used paving stones. It's a good idea to try to get all of the concrete you'll need from the same demolition project, however, as that will give you the best chance to get a uniform thickness in each piece.

Garden beds

Expert gardeners know that raising beds a few inches above the surrounding soil provides benefits like improved drainage, and warmer soil during germination. Building your beds even higher, think a couple feet, makes them much easier to work in, and more comfortable for your back. Broken pieces of recycled concrete can be stacked in a designated area to give you the height desired. Make sure the smooth edges of the concrete are facing out before placing your bed on top.

Retaining walls

If your yard includes a significant slope, or hillside in one area, a retaining wall could be critical to limit erosion. For this application, you'll need recycled concrete in two forms. Start by leveling the area where the wall will go. Then, lay down a base layer of crushed concrete to provide additional stability. Now, you can stack layers of recycled concrete pieces with dirt in between each layer to the desired height. You can even add some soil to the retaining area to create a new garden.


Rather than just making a path through a muddy part of your yard, you can also use recycled concrete to improve drainage. For this project, you'll be using concrete aggregate, which consists of crushed pieces of recycled concrete and isĀ an alternative to gravel. Start by digging a trench through the area where water tends to collect. Lay a base layer of aggregate, then place a perforated PVC pipe in the trench. Cover the pipe with more aggregate, then replace the soil and you should see improved drainage in the area.To learn more about our commitment to recycling on our demolition projects, contact us at 918-379-0966.