Google's New Offices Feature Commitment to Recycling in Demolition

Google campus sign

Google is currently in the process of creating a 250 thousand square foot office in downtown San Francisco. The offices will be located in the 43-story Spear Tower in One Market Plaza. The goal set for the complete renovation and redesign is to meet the requirements under the LEED v4 rating system. In order to do so, between 50 and 75 percent of debris needs to be diverted away from landfills.The first three phases of the project, which have now been completed, involved demolition of the existing offices within Spear Tower. More than half of the debris created during these phases was recycled thanks in part through the Armstrong Ceiling Recycling Program.Armstrong uses recycled materials to manufacture new products, which enables building owners and demolition contractors to salvage ceiling panels instead of disposing of them.To do so, panels must be collected and segregated from other debris in containers at the project site, then returned to an Armstrong plant or recycling partner.In all, nearly 102 thousand square feet of discarded ceilings were recycled during demolition. That's equal to roughly 50 tons of waste diverted from the landfill. And, represents a 100 percent diversion rate for the acoustical ceilings.Additionally, the project also achieved a 100 percent diversion rate for both the carpeting, and metal wall framing studs removed from the building. Each of these helped meet the requirements the LEED Construction Waste Management Credit.Google ultimate goal for all five phases of the project is to reach a 99 percent diversion rate for all debris and waste. Through three phases, they appear to be on track so far.At Demolition Technologies, we bring an environmental focus to each of our demolition projects and believe in recycling as much and as many materials as possible. To learn more about our processes, contact us at 918-379-0966.