Demolition Recycling Adds Value to Projects

Concrete crusher

Recycling and salvage in demolition is a valuable and worthwhile exercise. It can help to trim expenses for both the demolition contractor, and the building owner. But, there needs to be a plan in place for how each waste stream will be managed.At Demolition Technologies, we've been a leader and innovator in demolition recycling for years. We offer a range of green initiatives including on-site concrete crushing that creates a more valuable and more environmentally friendly project. Here are just a few reasons why demolition recycling makes sense for us on our demolition projects.

On-site crushing

One of the most common forms of recycling within demolition work is concrete crushing. Consider, however, how much energy, time, and equipment is used to transport used concrete from the job site, to a crushing facility, and then to a new site where aggregate is needed. You can greatly reduce the cost in each of those areas by crushing on-site. In some cases, the aggregate is left on the site to be used on the next construction project. In these cases, on-site crushing offers an ideal solution. In other cases, transportation and other costs can be minimized through on-site concrete crushing, which creates maximum value from selling the recycled materials.

On-site sorting

Sorting materials at the demolition site can be a complicated process. It's vital that all waste materials are kept separately. In many cases, contamination of something as simple as an employee throwing a water bottle in a dumpster meant for a specific waste material could spoil the entire load. In some cases, it's worth the effort to sort materials in this strict manner on the job site, but in other cases, it's more efficient to simply gather all materials together and transport them to a dedicated sorting facility. Personnel there are dedicated to sorting and the environment is much more conducive to it than your typical job site. Using C&D sorting and recycling facilities is still much cheaper than a landfill in most cases.

LEED credits

Not every region of the country offers a close C&D recycling facility close enough to be a real solution. Even so, qualifying for LEED points can provide enough initiative to push recycling on any demolition project. By hitting certain recycling benchmarks, LEED credits allow demolition contractors to recoup some of their costs. That can motivate some contractors that would otherwise not be able or interested in budgeting for recycling to implement it. And, it doesn't matter if all recycling is handled by the contractor themselves. Even if you take your waste to a recycling center, you'll be able to claim the amount of material recycled there as the amount for your project.If you have questions about demolition recycling, or have an upcoming demolition need, contact us at 918-379-0966.