How Demolition Can Minimize Its Environmental Impact

Demolition debris in waste bend

What kind of environmental impact does demolition have? How does it impact climate change?To answer those questions, you'd need to inspect the processes in place for one specific demolition contractor. While many demolition contractors perform the same type of projects, their commitment to environmentally friendly demolition and green initiatives may vary.At DT Specialized Services, we've been recognized as a leader in instituting innovative ways to lessen our environmental impact. Here are a few ways that we can make a demolition project more green.

Diverting demolition waste from landfills

Construction and demolition waste accounts for a large portion of debris filling up landfills. There are many negatives associated with growing landfills, one of which is large quantities of methane gas are produced by them. Recently, landfills have installed process for capturing and processing methane and turning it into electricity. Even so, the best course of action for demolition contractors is to divert as much debris as possible. Through concrete crushing, and sorting and salvaging materials to be recycled and reused, we can do just that.

Preventing demolition pollution and the spread of hazardous waste

Through the natural course of a building demolition project, a number of pollutants can be introduced into the environment. Knowing that, however, responsible contractors can put processes in place to limit pollution. For example, buildings can be covered, or other methods put in place to control the spread of dust and debris. Wastewater can be collected and properly disposed of, as well as other hazardous waste produced or found on site. Even noise pollution can be reduced by using updated and efficient machinery.

Commitment to the environment in demolition

While there are a number of ways demolition contractors can limit their environmental impact, more can always be done. Through a continued commitment to the environment, more innovations are possible that will decrease demolition's footprint. Improvements made throughout our industry is ultimately good for both the environment and the economy.To learn about our capabilities and commitment to the environment at DT Specialized Services, give us a call at 918-379-0966.