Determining the Need for High Reach Equipment in Demolition

High reach excavator

High reach demolition equipment is a vital tool in modern demolition. When proper procedures and safety protocols are not followed, however, high reach equipment can be hazardous and dangerous.Because high reach equipment is so often utilized in our demolition projects at DT Specialized Services, we value training and continued education to ensure each member of our team understands how to operate and work around this equipment.Here are a few of the considerations we go through in order to ensure high reach equipment is used properly and safely.

Is high reach equipment necessary?

In many of our projects, high reach demolition equipment is the best equipment for the job. However, it's important to ask certain questions when determining how best to go about a demolition project. Some of the possible factors to consider are the height of the structure. This can help determine if you need high reach equipment and if so, what size will be able to reach and work safely.It's also important that equipment can be safely delivered to the site. Both proper access to the area where equipment is needed, and enough room to operate is necessary. That includes considering the proximity to other buildings and how vibration, noise and dust will affect them.

Select the right size of equipment

Once you've determined that high reach equipment is the best fit for the job, the next step is selecting the proper size. While machines will have a maximum reach, the safest working reach will be significantly less. You don't want to have to extend the equipment fully in able to perform the work. Other factors make each project unique, but this is a good place to start.

Be able to attach the right tool

Even if you have the right size of equipment, it may not be the best fit for the job. You also need to be able to attach a tool to the end of the boom that is capable of the work required. Attaching a tool that is too heavy for the machine causes instability. A dual consideration is needed to decide what type of tool is necessary, and whether or not it fits the piece of equipment you are using.

Check the ground conditions

Before you ever bring high reach equipment to the demolition site, a survey of the ground conditions should be completed by an engineer. This will tell you if the area is safe for equipment to operate. Voids in the ground, water table levels, and the overall condition of the site slab should all be considered. In addition to ensuring the equipment is able to sit level and travel to the area it's needed, the ground condition should also be able to support its weight. The largest high reach machines weigh over 200 tons and will be carrying loads that increase that weight. Temporary works like crane mats or steel road plates may need to be added.This is not an exhaustive list of the considerations necessary before using high reach equipment on a demolition site. However, this is where most of these conversations begin.To learn more about our procedures and demolition capabilities, contact us at 918-379-0966.