The Tools That Make Deconstruction More Efficient

Demolition debris

Deconstruction is a great alternative to demolition in many cases. It allows more materials to be salvaged, which keeps materials out of landfills, and allows demolition contractors to save money.Many projects can benefits from an initial deconstruction phase, even when demolition is also needed. Thanks to new and improved tools and equipment, deconstruction is more efficient than ever. Here's a look at the tools making the biggest impact.

Hydraulic sheers and cutter attachments

On most demolition sites, you'll find concrete and rebar that needs to be crushed and cut. In the past, that could require obstacles like tough to reach areas, a close proximity to non-demolition areas, or simply not enough time in the budget. Thanks to these tools, those issues are minimized. With more than 155 tons of force, hydraulic sheers can crush concrete and cut rebar at the same time. Their slim profile also allows them to reach tight areas and work with precision.

Grapple and magnet attachments

When sorting materials and separating into unique areas for recycling, a grapple attachment and a magnet attachment are invaluable. The grapple attachment is precise enough to clench specific materials and pick them out of a pile of debris. It's then able to hold them and place them where they need to go. The magnet attachment simply removes ferrous materials from piles. Pull thousands of pounds of materials and move them quickly so they can be recycled and be out of the way.

Bucket crusher attachment

The bucket crusher is not precise, but it is effective. This tool lives up to its name by crushing all manner of materials including asphalt, concrete and more. This allows more material to fit in each truckload, which saves transportation costs. It also creates backfill on site that can then be used during the project, saved for other projects, or sold to other contractors.At Demolition Technologies, we've been proud to be at the forefront of demolition recycling. Contact us to learn our demolition capabilities today: 918-379-0966.