Demolition vs Deconstruction

Deconstruction and demolition might sound like the same thing and bring a similar result, but these two words actually imply two completely different processes. The practical application of these two terms will have a big impact on the speed of the project, the cost of the project, and the amount of materials able to be recycled at the end of the project.shutterstock_559246798When you use demolition, it will involve bringing down the structure with some form of overwhelming force. It could be a wrecking ball, bulldozer, explosives, excavator, or some other powerful machinery. Deconstruction is a much more precise and tedious process. Instead of using brute force, deconstruction removes parts of the structure piece by piece.  When deciding which process is right for you, it’s important to consider cost, speed, and environmental impact.Cost Since demolition uses less manpower, it’s almost always cheaper. Deconstruction requires a large team of people to carefully remove all the pieces. However, the benefit of deconstruction is that you can sometimes sell the reclaimed lumber and materials to a salvage yard. Depending on what you can sell to the salvage yard, you can sometimes recoup the extra costs of deconstruction.SpeedIf you’re on a time crunch to get the structure taken down, demolition will be the way to go. Using brute force and heavy equipment will save a ton of time. Even the fastest deconstruction crew can’t compete with the speed of a wrecking ball and bulldozer.Environmental ImpactThe biggest upside to deconstruction is that it allows for much more recycling to take place. Since every piece of material is carefully being removed and sorted, crews can make sure the right materials go to the right place for recycling. You can still recycle a surprising amount with demolition, so it’s still a viable option for responsible recycling as well.When trying to decide if demolition or deconstruction is best for you, working with a company that is experienced in both techniques will be a huge help. At DT Specialized we can assess your project and make a recommendation that will best suit your needs. Whether it’s deconstruction or demolition, our crews will handle the job in an efficient and professional manner.