Is the Demolition Industry Regulated?

The answer to that question is positively and unequivocally YES! The demolition industry is actually one of the most regulated industries in the construction field. Between permits, hazardous materials, and incredibly dangerous nature of the industry, there’s not a lot we can do without a permit or approval from some governing body.Permits are a big part of the regulations we deal with. Depending on the job we might need to get a permit for blocking traffic, noise, dust, or asbestos. These permits help keep us safe and lets the appropriate community members know what we’re doing so they can plan accordingly.demolitions regulationsIf we’re working on a structure that has been damaged by fire, water, or a natural disaster we’ll need to get a permit from the local authorities before we so much as tap a wall with a hammer. Structures like these are filled with surprises and local governments want to make sure we know what we’re doing so accidents don’t happen.Dealing with toxic and hazardous materials is another huge issue when it comes to regulations. We work on a lot of old industrial plants and sites where massive chemical tanks need to be removed. In these situations, the potential for contaminating the soil is certainly on our minds. That’s why there’s a long list of regulations we have to follow when dealing with dangerous materials.When your business revolves around tearing down buildings, the biggest risk is obviously injury due to falling objects. To avoid this, we go to great lengths to train our crew and make sure everyone knows where they should and shouldn’t be at any given time. We also spend an incredible amount of time planning before we start a job to reduce the risk of an accident.As you can see, all the rules and regulations surrounding the demolition industry are there to keep everyone safe. At DT Specialized, we take every regulation very seriously because we think safety is a top priority.