Doing Demolition in a Building with Asbestos

Back before we knew better, asbestos was used for all kinds of insulation in buildings and homes. Thankfully, we’ve learned from our mistakes and asbestos isn’t widely used anymore. However, there are tons of structures all across the country that are crawling with the stuff. Since these buildings are getting older and having structural issues, a lot of them need to be demolished.This poses a bit of a problem because the asbestos has to be completely abated asbestos(which means removed) before demolition can happen. This is to prevent the harmful material from floating around and damaging the surrounding area.Anytime asbestos is known or suspected to be in a structure slated for demolition, a certified inspector has to inspect the entire structure to locate and identify all the asbestos. These inspectors need to be trained and certified by the EPA’s Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHER) and fully complicate with the National Emissions Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) standards.At DT Specialized, we have properly trained and certified inspectors on staff who can handle the inspection process from start to finish. We can also work with third party inspection services if the client prefers and extra level of verification.Once the inspection is complete and the data has been compiled in a report, a certified asbestos project designer will create a removal plan. This plan will specify how and when the asbestos will be removed and any relevant regulations the crew needs to be aware of. To make sure the project is within safe standards, a project monitor may collect regular samples to assess the airborne levels in the area. This will let the monitor know if the project is in danger of exceeding allowed levels.Once the asbestos has been fully and safely removed, demolition can take place. In some cases, the building owner will need to notify NESHAP and or local authorities in writing 10 days prior to any scheduled demolitions.Anytime asbestos is involved, demolition is going to be complicated. At DT Specialized, we simplify the process by handling the entire process for the client. We have the certifications to do the inspections, removal planning, and abatement. If you need help with asbestos related demolition call 918-379-0966.