Brownfield Demolition

What is a Brownfield?A brownfield is a piece of land that has, or is suspected to have, contaminated soil that would prevent redevelopment without remediation. The contamination typically comes from former commercial or industrial use of the land. This could Brownfield Demolitioncome in the form of an old gas station or an abandoned oil refinery. These brownfields can come in all shapes and sizes, and can pop up anywhere.How Do Brownfields Impact Communities?  If brownfields go unchecked, they can cause a lot of problems for surrounding communities. Public health can be affected, economic growth can be stunted, property values can fall, and tax revenue can be reduced. Once a brownfield is cleaned up, communities can experience a big uptick in growth and activity. By redeveloping a brownfield, it can: attract investment from businesses, increase employment opportunities, improve public health, and reduce public service demands.How are Brownfields Fixed?The first step in getting a brownfield ready for redevelopment is identifying all the contaminated soil. It’s important to be extremely thorough in the process. Every grain of bad soil needs to be found and cataloged. Next, we begin the process of removing the soil. We then safely dispose of the soil at a treatment facility, depending on the level and type of contamination. Once we have removed all the bad soil, we fill in the site with good soil that matches the surrounding soil’s environment. Then the site is ready for development. This entire process is closely regulated by local government to make sure everything is done to code.At DT Specialized, we’ve become brownfield experts over the years.  We’ve helped communities salvage sites that were once unusable and turn them into thriving community hubs of activity.