How Demolition Benefits You

 The benefits of the demolition industry are enjoyed by people all around the world, every single day. Most aren’t aware of how demolition benefits them and take this industry for granted, but when you really think about it demolition promotes environmental responsibility, aids in community development, and helps with disaster response.How Demolition Benefits YouEnvironmental Responsibility Demolition protects the environment in two big ways: recycling and contamination control. Did you know that 2/3 of all US steel production comes from salvaged steel? That’s because the demolition industry is hell-bent on recycling everything we can. From concrete to wooden studs to rebar, it’s our job to sort through the rubble and make use of anything that can be recycled. Doing this lessens the strain put on the environment by reducing the need for raw materials to be collected.When an abandoned gas station or old chemical plant is polluting the surrounding area, we’re the ones who get called to fix it. Our trained experts know how to identify and remove all the contaminated materials, find a suitable treatment facility, and then replace the removed materials with appropriate soil.Community DevelopmentAs old buildings age and crumble, someone needs to know when the buildings can be restored and when the building is no longer safe for the public. That someone is us. Cities and local governments call us in to assess a structure and see what the options are. Sometimes the only option is to demolish the building. While it is sad to see old buildings go, this is an important part of the growth of cities. By removing old decaying buildings, it makes room for new development, which is the life blood of a growing city.Disaster Response Natural disasters like tornados and hurricanes wreak havoc on buildings and homes. After the storm passes, cleanup needs to begin. By working hand in hand with first responders, we can assist them by letting them know which structures are safe to enter and which ones are too dangerous. We also help by using our expertise to clear all the rubble and haul it away to allow the developers to make use of the space again.